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Hello World, We Are Phusion. We provide amazing Ruby & Rails hosting and tuning solutions to companies that shape our modern day culture. We were founded on April 2nd, 2008 in protest of mediocre software. We strive for excellence and usability. We love working with companies who share this passion.

  • Ninh Bui

    Ninh Bui

    Chief Executive Officer

    As a co-founder of Phusion, Ninh has spent many years working on large scale enterprise applications. During that period in time, he has had the pleasure of working with cool companies such as Nike, MTV, Unilever and PricewaterhouseCoopers.

  • Hongli Lai

    Hongli Lai

    Chief Technology Officer

    As a co-founder of Phusion, Hongli brings over a decade of open source experience with him to the table. From contributions to Autopackage to GNOME, Hongli is a well known developer, especially through his work on both Ruby and Rails.

  • Tinco Andringa

    Tinco Andringa

    Ruby Roadie

    Tinco has a passion for programming languages and software. He studies computer science at the University of Twente, where he met Ninh and Hongli. When he isn't programming or reading he can be found playing his guitar or dancing to breakbeats!

  • Goffert van Gool

    Goffert van Gool

    Rubyist and retired WoW pro

    Prior to his endeavors in Ruby, Goffert played World of Warcraft at a competitive level and was at one time a top 50 PvP player. He is passionate about solving hard algorithmic and mathematical problems while having dance offs with Tinco.

  • Luuk Hendriks

    Luuk Hendriks

    Linux System & Network Admin

    Luuk is passionate about engineering robust server infrastructures and effectively squeezing the most out of Linux. He is also a Telematics masters student at the University of Twente with an addiction for collecting Vinyl Records.