Rock solid, user friendly and industry proven

Used by Fortune 500 companies and startups all over the world, our products have been responsible for serving millions upon millions of people per day.

Phusion Passenger®

Recommended by the Rails Core Team as being the preferred way to deploy your Rails applications, Phusion Passenger manages your Ruby web application for you in a painless and robust manner. In particular, it allows you to deploy your Ruby web applications in an upload and go manner, while offering some of the most sophisticated features around. Learn more

Ruby Enterprise Edition

Improve your Ruby performance and efficiency in a transparent manner by using our server oriented branch of Ruby. Our optimizations to the garbage collector allow Rails applications such as Shopify to use 33% less memory on average in conjunction with Phusion Passenger. Other improvements have allowed Twitter to get a 30% increase in throughput. Learn more

  • Transparent
  • Your web application

    The next big thing

    A great idea can go even further with the right tools. Mainstream sites like Hulu and Twitter in particular show what Ruby and Rails are capable of. Interested in creating your next revolutionary application with us? Contact us!

  • Ruby on Rails

    Core collaboration

    Even though we support an arbitrary number of Ruby web frameworks via Rack, we work closely with several Rails core developers to ensure compatibility and help improve the framework at the same time.

  • Rack Framework

    Abstraction == Flexibility

    By adopting Rack, we support an arbitrary number of Ruby web frameworks that conform to this interface as well. Popular web frameworks such as Ruby on Rails and Sinatra are prime examples and work right out of the box.

  • Ruby Enterprise Edition

    Improve efficiency

    Even at today's hardware prices, significant savings can be made by using our copy-on-write friendly server oriented branch of Ruby. These savings even go as far as 33% in conjunction with Phusion Passenger!

  • Phusion Passenger

    Unmatched Ruby deployment

    By deploying in an upload and go manner, deployment is no longer a hassle with Phusion Passenger. Fast, robust and user-friendly, it's the preferred choice of both Fortune 500 companies and startups around the world.

  • Linux/Mac OSX/BSD

    POSIX compliant

    Software is only as good as the operating system it runs on and it is for this reason that we only support POSIX compliant operating systems. Widely used in server environments, they allow us to get the most out of your hardware.