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Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work another day in your life. Except when it’s crunch time.

Dear future co-worker,

Phusion is an international company dedicated to making awesome Unix tools to power the modern web. Founded in 2008, we are a bootstrapped, profitable and proud business coming to you from Holland and Canada.

We love working with passionate people. From engineering to sales, remote or onsite, each role plays an important part in our mission: to help companies succeed in doing business on the web more easily with our server tools.


Applications must include a letter of motivation. No recruiters please.

Customer Success Manager

Maintaining friendly relationships with Phusion customers around the globe

Fulltime (40hr/w) 3+ year experience Empathic & kind Affinity with IT Eye for detail Remote / Amsterdam
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Developer Evangelist

Write articles, participate in events & build mindshare

Fulltime (40hr/w) 3+ year experience Loves writing Good at speaking Familiar with DevOps Remote / Amsterdam
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Submit an application if you didn’t see a suitable position for you available, but still believe you can contribute to Phusion and its customers.

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Take on the web with our team of field experts in a comfortable and flexible work environment that always comes with room to grow, learn and have fun.

Work hard, play hard

Even though we’re serious about our work, we’re also serious about having fun. Whether it’s Friday afternoon drinks, meetings over ramen or an international conference, we love team bonding experiences.


We hire field experts and rely on their voice to guide us in particular circumstances. If you have a lot of experience in an area, we want you to tell us what to do.

All walks of life

Phusion is made up of men and women from all over the world, with different beliefs and backgrounds. What unites us is that we’re all open minded and like to laugh.

Some Co-Worker Success Stories

Learn about what we value and how we get things done from the inside out.

Nick Visser

Designer & Illustrator

I joined back in 2016 and what I noticed straight away was the company’s comfortable atmosphere and the room to grow as a professional. The patience and trust they show in your abilities (even the ones you didn’t know you had) make it a joy to work here.

Tara Lingard

Head of Business Development

I love that I am free and encouraged to be myself. My desk is decorated with Canadian flags, a Fallout bobblehead and all the things I love.

Daniel Knoppel

Passenger Team Lead

I am part of a remarkable company, facing interesting challenges on a global market, with a lot of room to take responsibility and further develop my skills.

Anna Dechering

Head of Sales & Operations

We love food and we make a big deal out of office lunches. Which is just one of those things that reflects how we treat each other more like family than as coworkers.

Camden Narzt

Software Developer

In the past, the various companies I’ve worked with have had some great traits -- great company perks, work that does good, awesome team members -- but until Phusion I’d never come across any other employer that has them all.

Katya van Rijn-Portillo

Office Manager

I have the opportunity to work with smart, fun, young people from different parts of the world. Everyone who works here has the responsibility of making Phusion great! I am very proud of being a Phusioneer.

The office

Located within the heart of Amsterdam, this is where the hard work gets done. Well, at least most of the time.

Swing by for coffee

Work from home

While we love our office, sometimes it’s not the place for you. We want our team to do their best work, and sometimes that means working remotely. We understand and support remote work and do our best to include everyone in the office fun.

Flexible hours

Our dynamic workflow doesn’t always lend itself to 9 to 5. We encourage getting work done on a schedule that works for you and taking the time you need for healthy work & life balance.

Get your game face on!

Something you’ll always find at Phusion is a healthy competitive spirit. If you want a creative break there’s always someone ready to take you on a head-to-head challenge on the office PS4.

The goods

We meet up once a month for team dinner and daily for office lunch. Our office is also fully stocked with our favourite snacks, candies, and cocktail ingredients.

Travel allowance

Whether you’re meeting up at the office, flying to a conference or off to visit our customers - we’ve got your travel costs covered.

Battle stations

Do you usually work with two screens and a mechanical keyboard? Or maybe a new macbook and wacom? Either way, we’ll make sure you’re working on whatever you’re comfortable with.


If all that sounds good but you’re still not certain if you’re a good team fit?

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