Phusion’s Success Stories.

We help international customers automate tasks, improve security and process more customer requests. Improving developer happiness lies at the root of everything we do.


Phusion Passenger®

Passenger® runs and manages your Ruby, Node.js and Python apps on your web server. Considered one of the most performant, secure and mature app servers currently available, Passenger has a myriad of features that are invaluable to today’s web apps and microservices APIs.

Over 650,000 sites use Passenger, from business critical apps with billions of requests per day to small side projects. Passenger auto-manages your apps’ processes, so that you can deploy with confidence.

Get the most out of your hardware.

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We’ve got 10 years worth of experience in technology to share. At AMSxTECH we shared our journey to ‘Bootstrapped, Profitable and Proud’ ($1,000,000 ARR) and the trade-offs of taking VC money. At the 2015 O’Reilly Oscon conference we talked about bootstrapping a business around a vital piece of open source software.

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Some of our happy customers

Game of Thrones: Ascent, Case Study

"Passenger provides some very important Enterprise class features that help us support the very large user base that we have on Game of Thrones: Ascent.”

— Max Berenson (CTO), Disruptor Beam

Nedap, Case Study

“We have been running Passenger for years handling billions of requests so just take a look at it, it's awesome."

— Olaf van Zandwijk (DevOps Team Leader), Nedap

Having worked with great companies world-wide, we look forward to assisting you as well.