Server maintenance is hard. It shouldn't be. Our company mission since 2008

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Phusion helps businesses like Intercom and Apple improve the performance of their web applications, microservices and APIs with our application server Passenger®. Phusion was founded in 2008 with the belief that software should be a joy to use. Our clients utilize our software to work faster, more efficiently, and with less overhead.

Our mission is to build awesome server tools that empower companies to succeed in doing business on the web. Whatever your server needs may be, our software will be there with you along the way: from 0 to a billion users concurrently. Over 650,000 worldwide use Passenger to improve web app performance, boost productivity, and maximize security.

Werner Vogels Great team and great software! Werner Vogels, PhD. CTO, Amazon


Phusion believes in setting a standard that software should be easy and fun for everyone to use. Our software solutions accomplish this in the server industry by following these beliefs.

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We believe software should put a smile on your face. Our solutions empower users to work on what is important to them and leave the tedious and error-prone heavy lifting to us.

Low barrier to entry

Users shouldn’t have to invest a significant amount of time to be able to fully leverage their software. We stand for lowering the barrier to entry and pride ourself in delivering accessible software.


Open sourcing the core of our software allows us to battle harden our commercial offering and provide a more reliable service. Our world class support offering ensures customers can count on us to help them with any issues.

Performance & scalability

We believe in optimizing. Our users range from small web shops serving a niche to large web platforms handling billions of request per day. Any size company can count on our software to deliver in getting the most out of their hardware.

Gartner Cool Vendor 2015

Gartner has chosen Phusion as a Cool Vendor 2015 in their Web-Scale Computing report. Vendors in this category are considered by Gartner to apply innovative techniques to effectively deal with web-scale problems, particularly pertaining to scalability and agility. This includes caching, event-driven programming, microservice architectures, and container management frameworks.