Phusion's Disclaimer & Privacy Statement

Version 2023-07-01


This disclaimer and this privacy statement apply to (the use of) all external (advertising) expressions of, and the processing of personal data by, Phusion B.V. ("Phusion"), including the statements and contents on:


Phusion publishes on its publicly accessible, customer-facing website(s) and/or website(s) accessible after legitimate registration, informative texts, images, videos and other expressions. All of Phusion’s expressions have been carefully created. Phusion cannot however, guarantee the correctness and completeness of these expressions. Phusion does not guarantee error-free or uninterrupted access to its website(s) or the products or services offered by it electronically. Phusion accepts no responsibility for the statements or the correctness and completeness thereof. The visitor cannot derive rights from Phusion's website(s) or other expressions of Phusion. References to external websites and resources that are not maintained by Phusion to the visitor are only included for informative purposes. Phusion cannot vouch for the content and functioning of external sources referenced, nor the quality of any products and / or services offered. All rights, including all intellectual property rights in all substantive information and images on this website lie with Phusion or its licensors unless explicitly mentioned otherwise. Using this information and these images is not permitted without Phusion's prior written consent. Phusion reserves the right to modify the content of its website(s), or to delete component(s) from its website(s), at any time without further notice.

Privacy Statement


Phusion may process personal data through its website(s), (mobile) (web) application(s), software, technical support, consultation, live chat, product information, etc., through the process of maintaining and upgrading Phusion’s products, through automated means such as communications protocols, e-mail communications, cookies, social connectors, Phusion-affiliated social networking areas, Phusion ads placed on third party sites, product registration, call centers, trade shows, training seminars, conferences and other expressions.

Phusion greatly values the privacy of its customers and other people and therefore takes the utmost care in the handling and protection, of personal data. Phusion complies with the European General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR"). Phusion is the party who is responsible for how this data will be used. In this Privacy Statement, Phusion explains which data Phusion collects and for what purposes it will be used. In addition to individuals, companies can also make use of Phusion’s website(s) and (web)application(s). However, the GDPR does not apply to corporate data. This Privacy Statement therefore focuses primarily on individuals.

Processing of personal data

Personal data is data which can be used to identify you. Phusion makes a distinction between:

Personal information you actively provide to Phusion, can for instance be: your name, contact preferences and other information you provide to Phusion (e.g. during a registration process or during contact with an employee of Phusion).

Also, by visiting Phusion’s website(s) and the use of Phusion’s (web) applications, software or other expressions, some technical data will automatically be sent by your equipment to Phusion’s computers, such as the IP address used by you, the operating system, the used Internet browser and (in some cases) the last web page you visited.

Processing purpose

Any personal data processed by Phusion will only be used for the following purposes:


Phusion's newsletter(s) are sent to the subscriber(s) of one or more of Phusion’s newsletter(s). The subscriptions consist of two groups:

Registration through our website(s) and third-party newsletter management service(s) takes place by means of a double opt-in process. You will only be listed as a subscriber if you follow the instructions you will receive by email after the registration process. This ensures that only those who will receive our registration email can subscribe to our newsletter.

It is also possible that existing customers will be added to the subscription base at the request of an employee of Phusion. This only happens if such customers have given explicit consent for this fact.

Every newsletter provides a means to unsubscribe from the newsletter, for example by providing a hyperlink at the bottom to an unsubscribe page.

The legal basis for processing is either because it's necessary for the performance of a contract to which the recipient is party, or because it’s necessary for the purposes of the legitimate interest of Phusion.


Phusion’s website(s) and (web) application(s) sometimes use cookies (small data files ­placed on your computer) or other technologies. These technologies, among other things, are used for strictly necessary functional purposes:

Some cookies are not strictly necessary or functional, and are for:

When cookies are not merely "functional", the visitor or user has given consent for the processing. When the visitor or user doesn't consent, they can accept or decline cookies through the browser settings.

Web Beacons

Some of our web pages and HTML-formatted email use web beacons, or other technologies, in conjunction with cookies to compile statistics about website and newsletter usage. We use these statistics to optimize the effectiveness of our websites and newsletter campaigns.

A web beacon is an electronic image, called a single-pixel (1x1) or clear GIF. Web beacons can recognize certain types of information on a visitor's computer, such as a visitor's cookie identifier, time and date of a page view and a description of the page where the web beacon is placed. You may render web beacons unusable by rejecting their associated cookies, or by blocking the associated images.

Web beacons on websites are used to compile aggregate, anonymized statistics. Web beacons in newsletters (HTML-formatted email) are used to determine which individual subscribers open which emails.

Retention of personal data

Newsletter subscriber information -- including information collected through web beacons -- is retained until you unsubscribe. When a recipient is unsubscribed, we will only use the personal data to make sure the former recipient will not receive any of our newsletters anymore.


All website(s), text, images, videos and other manifestations are owned and operated by Phusion. Phusion respects your privacy and ensures that the personal information that you may provide to us is treated confidentially.

In the case Phusion is the controller of your personal data, you (the data subject) have the following rights:

These rights, however, can be limited by other rules and regulations. You can also lodge a complaint regarding the processing of personal data of Phusion at the Dutch supervisory authority "Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens".


Phusion reserves the right to modify this Privacy Statement at any time. Any changes will be announced on our website(s). Phusion can process your personal data for new purposes that are not mentioned in this Privacy Statement. In that case, we will notify you on our website(s) about the changes in the Privacy Statement before using your data for these new purposes. If you do not want Phusion to use your data, you always have the possibility to opt out by sending an email to

Applicable law

With respect to any dispute arising from this privacy statement, Dutch law, in the Dutch language, shall be applicable. The district court of Amsterdam, The Netherlands, shall be the single competent court, unless another court has jurisdiction.


If you have questions or concerns about the Disclaimer or our privacy statement, or if you wish to access, alter or delete your personal data, you can always contact us via You may also contact us via postal mail at the following address:

Phusion B.V.

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