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At Phusion community is paramount.

We enjoy connecting with the tech community and frequently organise conferences and meetups to that end. Come see us at the next event we speak at.

Events We Hosted

bubbleconf logo

Phusion organized BubbleConf in 2012 and 2013, in Amsterdam. Close to 400 people from all over the world attended the conference covering the topics we felt were most important for tech startups: tech, design and entrepreneurship. Speakers included Facebook Software Engineer Philip Su, serial author and ex-Dropbox Zed Shaw and Chad Fowler, just before he’d sell Wunderlist to Microsoft.

Lead Developer Meetup

Phusion hosted the July edition of the Lead Developers Meetup in Amsterdam. In his talk Hongli shared his goal for code reviews at Phusion (Passenger): to become redundant as the core maintainer of Phusion’s open source projects.

Previous Events

ROSS conf Amsterdam

May 11-12, 2018

Phusion supported ROSS conf Amsterdam, a conference promoting Open Source involvement. Maintainers of projects vital for the Ruby community excite participants to become regular contributors, securing the future of their projects.

Amsterdam.rb Ruby Meetup

June 12th, 2018

Amsterdam JSNation

May 31-June 1, 2018


April 25-27th, 2017

Catch us at these upcoming events



September 14-15th, 2018

CodeDaze is dedicated to art of technology, in Downtown Buffalo, NY. Floor will talk about maker responsibility and ethical software on the second day of the conference.

Attended by: Floor

React Day Berlin


November 30, 2018

React Day Berlin is a full day conference for engineers working with the React technology stack. Our Frontend Developer Luuk is looking forward to learn from 24 international speakers.

Attended by: Luuk

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