Our mission since 2008

To create easy to use, robust, and efficient software for high‑demanding unix server environments

Gartner has chosen Phusion as a Cool Vendor 2015 in their Web-Scale Computing report. Vendors in this category are considered by Gartner to apply innovative techniques to effectively deal with web-scale problems, particularly pertaining to scalability and agility. This includes caching, event-driven programming, microservice architectures, and container management frameworks.

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Bootstrapping a business

around open source

Open source projects often start out as something developers work on in their spare time to scratch their own itch. What happens however when fortune 500 businesses start to rely on those projects as well? Those businesses might need frequent updates of your software to be able to leverage cutting edge technologies or reliable support when facing indicents 4:00am. This is how Phusion came to be. Starting as a consultancy, it became a product company in 2012.

Phusion consists of engineers and designers who strictly work on products they are passionate about and that they use themselves in a day to day setting. This allows for continuous improvements to take place, culminating in an unparalleled level of attention to detail in our products. From one click installers that do all the heavy lifting underwater to clean UIs that make the complex comprehensible, this is what we love doing most.

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Meet the Team

We are engineers & designers who are passionate about making awesome unix tools to power the modern web


After having worked in the Enterprise and numerous high profile open source projects, Phusion was founded by Computer Science alumni from the University of Twente.

Product Leads

Supported by a team of developers and designers, these Computer Science leads make sure that our products remain ahead of the game.

Sales & Marketing

The communication gateway between our customers and Phusion.

Engineering & Ops

These are the people who make sure that Phusion's products & services remain available to customers world-wide 24/7


Want to join us on our mission to make the best Unix server tools available? Check out our careers page.

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