Phusion Contributor Agreement

Assignment of Copyright Agreement

Thank you for your participation in a Phusion project. We appreciate your contributions and help. Before we can commit your contributions we need you to agree to these terms, to sign this form and to send it to us.

Phusion Holding B.V., officially established and registered at the chamber of commerce in Amsterdam, The Netherlands under number 63498448, further referred to as: Phusion or Assignee,


you, whose full name, mailing address and country are entered below, further referred to as: Assignor,

agree to the following conditions:

Assignor may contribute software, bug fixes, configuration changes, documentation, or any other materials related to a Phusion open source project (the “Contribution”). Assignor is legally entitled to grant any copyrights to Phusion and represents and warrants that assignor is the sole creator and owner of the Contribution and holds the complete and undivided copyright interest to the Contribution.

Assignor grants to Phusion a non-exclusive, irrevocable, worldwide, royalty-free, sublicenseable, transferable license, including all of assignors relevant intellectual property rights, to use, copy, prepare derivative works of, distribute and publicly perform and display the Contribution on any licensing terms, including all open source and/or commercial licenses. Assignor sells, assigns and transfers to Phusion the entire right, title and interest of the Contribution, free from possible damages, claims and payments.

In the event that Assignor is a minor, the parent or legal guardian of the minor warrants having the legal authority to execute the above on behalf of said minor.

The parties have hereby executed this Assignment of Copyright Agreement as of the date entered below.

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