Our hearts beat to the Open Source drum

We release free software regularly, contribute to several major Open Source projects and advocate giving back to the community.


Passenger Projects

Phusion Passenger®

Passenger® runs and manages your Ruby, Node.js and Python apps on your web server. Considered one of the most performant, secure and mature app servers currently available, Passenger has a myriad of features that are invaluable to today’s web apps and microservices APIs.

Passenger x Docker

Passenger-docker is a set of Docker images meant to serve as good bases for Ruby, Python, Node.js and Meteor web app images. Passenger-docker's goal is to make Docker image building for web apps much easier and faster.

Passenger Status Service

The Passenger Status Service is a service provided by Phusion for the Passenger application server. This service makes Passenger status reports (the passenger-status tool) work on Heroku and provides a GUI for it.

Passenger Docs

A comprehensive online resource about Ruby, Python, Node.js and Meteor deployment, administration, scaling and high availability — through the use of the Phusion Passenger app server. Yup, our Docs are Open Source.

Support Central

Support Central is an aggregator for various support channels and RSS feeds. It displays an overview of which support tickets need replying on. This allows any support team to easily handle both community and commercial support in a central interface.

Traveling Ruby

Traveling Ruby is a project which supplies self-contained, "portable" Ruby binaries: Ruby binaries that can run on any Linux distribution and any OS X machine, allowing app developers to bundle these with their Ruby app, so that they can distribute a single package to end users.

Articles about OS

Writing tools that everyone can pick up and use, which is exactly the intention of Open Source Software, is not quite the same as writing code. On our blog we share guides for OS maintainers as well as for newcomers, and shed light on why we promote the Open Source community.


Holy Build Box

Holy Build Box is a system for building "portable" binaries for Linux: binaries that work on pretty much any Linux distribution. This works by providing an easy-to-use compilation environment with an old glibc version. Holy Build Box can produce x86 and x86-64 binaries.

Baseimage Docker

Baseimage-docker is a special Docker image that is configured for correct use within Docker containers. It is Ubuntu, plus: Modifications for Docker-friendliness, Administration tools that are especially useful in the context of Docker. Baseimage-docker is available for pulling from the Docker registry!

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